Imaginary Film Scores

I purchased my first album on cassette when I was 8 years old and never stopped exploring the array of music that followed. A two-year stint in band was painful and creating music was a desire fueled only by my passion as a listener and spectator. When I started experimenting with sounds it was through manipulating them through Adobe Audition. Later I used Frankensteined equipment and effects pedals to further explore. Creating atmosphere is still what I do best, though with time, I've learned how to compose impromptu songs in my free-time. All of the songs I've written are usually produced in about 8 hours. I call them imaginary film scores because when I play them for others they always comment on how the songs could be used in a film. I would love to work on some independent film projects around Michigan; if you would be interested in collaborating please give me a shout.